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THE MYSTICS: A Journey into the Mysteries

Alchemergy Films is supporting a new independent film project from director Erik Paulsson. Visit his Red Storm Productions or the IndieGoGo site for more info on the film and how to bring this vision to reality.

The mystics are shamans, druids, and philosopher sages of ancient China and Greece. They are the gurus and vedic philosphers of India, and the oracles of ancient Egypt.  They are the prophets and magi of the Middle East.  They are alchemists, hermeticists, and theosophists. They are the Buddhists, Gnostic Christians, Jewish Kabbalists, Sikh Masters and Muslim Sufis.

The mystics all believe that there is more to reality than we can perceive with our limited five senses, and that through training, all human beings can transform their minds in order to experience higher states of consciousness.  To mystics, the ultimate goal of life is enlightenment or gnosis, Greek for “knowing.”  They believe that attaining these states leads to a profound understanding of the mysteries of the Universe, and thus their methods are known as the mystery teachings.

As this gripping story unfolds, we will journey through 5,000 years of history, from the Shamanic traditions of hunting gathering societies, through the emergence of Eastern and Western mystical philosophy, to the modern spiritual integration movement, which seeks the parallels that connect all mystery teachings, and their correlation with modern scientific theory.

Statement of Producer/Director Erik Paulson

Hi, my name is Erik Paulsson and I’m the producer and director of "The Mytsics".  I’ve dedicated my life to creating a peaceful and harmonious world by raising consciousness through film and television.  I have more than twenty years of experience as a professional filmmaker, and made multiple award-winning feature films and television programs.  I produced the feature film Eve & the Fire Horse, which won the Sundance Special Jury Prize in 2006. My historical documentary Island of Shadows, which I produced and directed, won multiple Canadian television industry awards including a Leo Award for Best Director of a documentary.  I produced the feature length documentary Army of One, which won the award for best feature length documentary at Hot Docs, North America’s premiere documentary festival, and was broadcast on the BBC, CBC, SBS Australia, and the Discovery-Times Network. In addition to these highlights I have produced and/or directed numerous other projects including an historical documentary series for the Knowledge Network called The Edge of the World.

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This film script explores, through the use of mentor and apprentice character interaction, the meaning of the Emerald Tablet.  Also explained are the seven operations of Alchemy that were derived from the Tablet.  This is a distinct disclosure of the personal psychological and spiritual development gained through alchemical study.

Three time eras are utilized within the script. The first era is in the 1540’s with Paracelsus and his apprentice. The second era is in 1900 BCE with the Egyptian Adepts and a Master Adept. The third era is in 2013. This is with a Master Alchemist and her novice student.  There are six scenes, and three sets for the three eras.

This work is based on the writings of Dennis William Hauck, with his permission. We gratefully acknowledge his help and encouragement.


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